Renovating Your Home? What about “Designing The Move”?

Renovating Your Home? What about “Designing The Move”?

So the design has been approved, the permits are in place, you’ve hired
a reputable contractor – now what are you going to do with all that stuff that
will be in the way?

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to what will happen with their
furniture and things when they are facing a renovation.  Believe me, covering things with traps and
packing stuff in boxes is not enough.
Contractors fret when home owners leave all their things in a home they
are working on.  If it all cannot be isolated
in a room that can be sealed off, your things will add to the stress and the
cost of the reno.

Storing your belongings allows construction  professionals to go through the house
unimpeded. Every time a trade has to move your things out of the way to do their
job it costs you – in delayed construction and billable time – never mind the
risk of damage or breakage. It also avoids workers getting injured on your
property because they are trying to work around your possessions.

Given the fact that
removing your furniture to an alternate location will speed up your
renovations, chances are good that you will find that a storage is completely
worth the cost.
You hire an expert to handle your reno, hire an expert to handle your

Turn-Key Moving Solutions packs your belongings, itemizes everything on a per-box basis for easy
retrieval, wraps your furniture and sends it all to storage.  The next time you see your belongings is when
the reno is complete and your home is beautiful and dust free – ready to be set
up again. Everything returns to its new place in pristine condition.